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The functions of the authority and its Jurisdiction


A- The authority shall carry out all necessary activities to regulate the Labour market in the Kingdom, regulate work permits, licensing recruitment (manpower) agencies, employment offices and foreign business proprietors working in the kingdom, in accordance with the provisions of this Act, and in particular:

  1. To prepare and implement a national strategy for the Labour Market which Includes the general policy and plans of employment of Bahrainis and foreign workers, taking into consideration state's directions with regard to the Labour market, economic and social development plans.
    The Authority shall prepare such plan, every two years, or for a shorter period, if necessary. The plan shall be published in the Official Gazette.
  2. To collect and analyze data, information and statistics related to the economic situation in the kingdom and in particular the Labour market, in a manner that makes the Authority a principal source of accurate data, information and statistics related to the Labour market ‎in the kingdom.
    The authority shall continuously and regularly update such data in a manner that reflects the true picture of the Kingdom economic situation. The Authority shall prepare reports, on all these matters to be ‎published in the appropriate manner as determined by the Board in a way, accessible to all.
  3. To propose programs and policies to enhance and develop the Labour marketing matters beyond the scope of the Authority jurisdiction, and raise such proposals to relevant authorities.
  4. To inform, direct, and guide the workers, employers and others, in matters with regard to rights, duties, and ethics of work, professional ‎and environmental safety at work places.
  5. To prepare the regulations and the decisions necessary for the application of this Act which shall include the following:-

    a. The rules, the procedures, the categories, conditions, duration and all other relevant matters with regard to the grant and renewal of work permits.
    b. The rules, procedures, duration and all relevant matters with regard to the grant and renewal of recruiting (Manpower) agencies and employment agencies licenses.
    c. The procedure, the data, the information and all necessary documents for the presentation of applications to obtain work permits of recruiting (Manpower) agencies and employment offices and methods of deciding thereupon.
    d. The procedure and conditions of obtaining licenses to carry economic activities, in certain fields by foreign business owners.
    e. The rules and procedures to cancel work permits, recruitment (Manpower) agencies licenses, employment offices licenses, foreign business owners licenses to carry business in the Kingdom and worker mobility from one employer to another.
    f. The obligations of the employer in case the foreigner left his job, in violation to the work permit.
    g. The restrictive inspection procedure, in order to guarantee the implementation of this Act, decisions and regulations.
    h. The documents, particulars, and data that should be kept by employers and licensees.
  6. To propose and collect fees imposed upon business owners, with regard to work permits and their renewal fees.
  7. To propose and collect the fees imposed upon licenses for manpower recruiting agencies and employment offices and their renewal fees.
  8. To propose and collect fees imposed upon foreign business owners, with regard to carrying business in the Kingdom, in accordance with the law.
  9. To observe the level of adherence to this Act, regulations and decisions issued to implement it, and to take all the necessary measures to enforce them together with the terms and conditions of the licenses and permits issued accordingly.
  10. To work as a central authority, for the reception of all applications of permits and licenses issued by virtue of this Act, the collection of the fees thereof, obtaining entrance residence visas to the Kingdom, issue of I.D, performance of any test or exam, any other permits and licenses necessary for foreign owners of business or necessary for the employment of foreign workers and the follow up of all the mentioned proceedings in coordination with relevant authorities.
  11. To simplify the process with regard to issue work permits and other permits and licenses required for the employment of foreign workers.
  12. To carry out and support studies and research in the field of Labour market and to benefit from outcome of such studies.
  13. To carry out other, roles, jurisdiction and obligations laid down in this Act.
    Upon the request of the authority, and subject to a decision by the cabinet , some of such roles, including collection of fees, may be devolved to other governmental institutions, as deemed fit.

    The authority may delegate any of such roles to competent experts, to be selected from individuals, committees, and non Government bodies. IN case of collection of fees is delegated to a non government body, same should be published in the Official Gazette.


Last Update: 20-03-2024.