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Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) seeks to listen to your opinions and is interested to communicate with you on a permanent basis, receive your remarks and your assessment on all aspects of the work and performance of both services and LMRA channels. To achieve this goal, LMRA provides several channels through which users can communicate effectively with it.

Electronic Support System

Electronic Support System allows the employers, authorized persons, and the expatriates to submit and follow-up with all inquiries that were submitted.

Social Media Channels

LMRA is active on 4 different social media platforms to connect with our clients and stakeholders on a daily basis to receive their ideas and suggestions to improve eServices.

The means and tools used to activate the e-participation policy on the Ministry's website:

Tawasul System and App

Connect with us through the National Suggestions and Complaints System (Tawasul) for any enquiry, suggestion, idea, or complaint which are all investigated and analyzed ideas.

Contact Us

We are always at your service! Please feel free to contact us:

Call Centre
+973 17506055
Expatriate Services
+973 17103103

Last Update: Monday 18 September 2023