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869KB PDF 26-06-2023 Offer Letter / Work Contract Template597KB PDF 27-02-2023 Add Authorised Person Form1073KB PDF 16-08-2023 Replacement of CRs Responsible Person1044KB PDF 05-07-2023 Termination Declaration1411KB PDF 05-07-2023 New Work Permit or Renewal for Over 601265KB PDF 05-07-2023 Expatriate Employee Absence from Work Notification1096KB PDF 04-07-2023 Overstay After Termination Form1908KB PDF 22-08-2023 Establishment Registration Form1016KB PDF 05-07-2023 Cancellation of Expatriate Employee Absence From Work Notification1083KB PDF 26-06-2023 Declaration of Transfer of Ownership of Commercial Registrations1543KB PDF 05-07-2023 Permit/ Service Application Form1201KB PDF 05-07-2023 Executive Service Application Form1058KB PDF 04-07-2023 Expatriates Service Application Form1074KB PDF 20-04-2023 Work Load/ Ceiling Form1158KB PDF 05-07-2023 Work Approval for Dependants1238KB PDF 09-07-2023 Intention to Transfer Form584KB PDF 28-02-2023 Non Wafid Medical Check Up Form1451KB PDF 05-07-2023 Domestic Expatriate Employees Work Permit Application / Cancellation Form694KB PDF 25-09-2023 Ceiling Increase Request for Domestic Workers1527KB PDF 05-07-2023 Employer Undertaking Towards The Domestic Employee1059KB PDF 05-07-2023 Authorization Letter for Domestic Applications1330KB PDF 05-07-2023 Domestic Employee Absence from Work Form in Violation of the Terms of the Work Permit1126KB PDF 05-07-2023 Cancellation of Absence from work Notification for Domestic Employees Form1597KB PDF 11-07-2023 Notification of Offense1656KB PDF 11-07-2023 Offence Removal Form1467KB PDF 26-06-2023 Employment Office License Application Form (Arabic Only)1318KB PDF 26-06-2023 Agency Supply License Application Form (Arabic Only)1701KB PDF 26-06-2023 Employment Office Statement (Arabic Only)1714KB PDF 26-06-2023 Complaints Form (Arabic Only)1045KB PDF 04-07-2023 Registered Worker Permit Service Form1127KB PDF 04-07-2023 Registration Centre Authorization Form