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Community Partnership

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority is key in achieving Kingdom of Bahrain's strategic economic vision 2030. In line with the objectives of the plan, the Labour Market Regulatory Authority has developed various mechanisms aimed at achieving the highest level of interaction and partnership with society and the concerned parties in the labour market. The Authority is committed to serving its clients and society with dedication and high standards.

Participation and Public Consultations

Article (5) of Act No. (19) of 2006 regarding the regulation of the labour market states that: if the Authority intends to issue any laws, regulations, decisions, or measures that have a tangible impact on the labour market, then it shall hold consultations with the public and the concerned authorities to explore their opinions before issuing any such laws, regulations, decisions, measures. The Authority is working to take the necessary measures to enable all concerned parties to view the details of ongoing consultations and expressed opinions in order to later submit these comments to the executive management and the Board of Directors.

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority possesses various means allowing the public to voice their opinions; one of these methods is holding consultative meetings with the relevant sectors to discuss new projects. One of the most prominent topics discussed with the public is the launch of the tripartite contract for domestic expatriate employees.

The public is also consulted regarding different topics via electronic and paper questionnaires, which are often organized and presented to the website visitors in order to vote or express their opinions on them, this includes:

  1. Surveying customers opinions on the new Labour Market Regulatory Authority branch in Riffa.
  2. Surveying employees opinions on the Expat Management System (EMS) website.
  3. Surveying job-seeker' opinions on using the labour market electronic platform (Talent Portal).

Preserving the Environment

As part of the commitment of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Labour Market Regulatory Authority towards the sustainable development goals, the Authority linked many of its procedures to these goals, including caring for the environment and preserving it as part of its work strategy. The Authority has worked within this framework to implement the one-transaction system for issuing work permits, which electronically links the various government agencies related to issuing permits. In addition, the Authority increased the electronic system's efficiency where it now electronically completes more than 97% of its daily transactions, which saves the customers' time, speeds up the completion period, and reduces the use of papers as much as possible as per the concept of (paperless transactions). The Authority also cooperates with a recycling company that collects papers, metal and plastic cans, and works to recycle them in order to preserve the environment.

In addition, the authority is keen to reduce and rationalize electricity consumption by using energy-saving lamps and urging employees to use them thriftily.

Last Update: 20-03-2024.