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Roles and jurisdiction


A- The board of Directors is the highest authority that runs the affairs ‎of the Authority, design its policies, and supervise implementation. The ‎board of directors may take whatever it deems fit to execute the roles ‎and jurisdiction of the Authority, including:‎

  1.  Approval of the National Labour Market Plan.‎
  2. Set out regulations, decisions, and take necessary measures to execute ‎the provisions of this Act.‎
  3. Approval of the organizational structure and issue of the Employees’ ‎Regulation Code which shall specify the procedures and rules of ‎appointment ,promotion, transfer, salaries, remunerations, disciplinary ‎procedures and all other affairs, without being bound by the Civil ‎Service regulations.‎
    The Employees’ Regulation Code shall determine the ethics, work ‎values, and terms& conditions of disclosure of financial status.‎
  4. Supervision of the implementation of the provisions of this Act, ‎Regulations and decisions thereof‎
  5. Approval of the Authority annual budget and the final audited ‎statement of accounts.
  6. Acceptance of grants and donations –conditional or unconditional- ‎without violation to the provisions of this Act.
  7. Study of the regular reports raised by the chief executive‎
    with regard the conduct of LMRA activities and taking what it deems ‎fit.‎
  8. Exercise other roles and jurisdiction in accordance with this Act, ‎regulations and decisions.‎

B- The Board of Directors may assign any specific function to be carried ‎by one or several committees composed of its members or by the ‎chairman, or by any member of the board of directors, or by the chief ‎executive officer.‎

Last Update: 20-03-2024.