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Statistics, Information and Legislation

Welcome to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority's Portal

Apart from regulating the Labour Market in the Kingdom of Bahrain, LMRA is also a rich source of data and statistics that are readily available to the public for research, decision-making and economic forecasting.

All Laws pertaining the Labour Market in the Kingdom of Bahrain are listed below and all resolutions for the implementation of the law are also readily available in the below lists.

LMRA is bound by the law to carry out regular studies and researches which shall be published here in the near future.

The Labour Market Indicators give you a clear picture of the labour Market at any given time in real time. These are updated regularly in our quarterly publications.

The ministry in charge of labour affairs in the private sector shall, in coordination with the authority and after the approval of the Council of Ministers, develop the national plan for the labour market, taking into account the state's policies regarding the labour market, as well as its economic and social development plans. The Ministry shall prepare such a plan, every four years, or for a shorter period, if necessary. The plan shall be published in the Official Gazette.

The LMRA encourages enquiries and recommendation to make the Labour Market more efficient and well managed through open communication though all channels, and values your opinions.



Last Update: Wednesday 15 March 2023