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Board of Directors Resolutions

10-07-2023قرار رقم (8) لسنة 2023 بشأن اعتماد الخطة الوطنية لسوق العمل للأعوام 2023- 2026 (Arabic Only)26-02-2023قرار رقم (1) لسنة 2022 بشأن إسناد بعض مهام هيئة تنظيم سوق العمل إلى مراكز تسجيل العمالة (Arabic Only)02-03-2023قرار رقم (78) لسنة 2022 بشأن اعتماد نشاط مهني (Arabic Only)12-06-2023قرار رقم (58) لسنة 2021 باعتماد الخطة الوطنية لسوق العمل (Arabic Only)12-06-2023Resolution (1) of 2019 Regarding the Implementation of the Wages Protection Scheme12-06-2023Order No. (4) of 2014 With regard to Regulation of Work Permits for Domestic Servants and Equivalent12-06-2023Order No. (3) of 2014 With Regard to Regulating Permits for Labour Supply Agencies12-06-2023قرار رقم (2) لسنة 2014 بشأن تنظيم تصاريح مزاولة صاحب العمل الأجنبي للأنشطة المهنية (Arabic Only)12-06-2023Order No (1) of 2014 With Regard to Regulating Permits of Recruitment Offices11-06-2023Order No. (2) of 2013 With Regard to the Controls and Terms for Not Subjecting the Temporary Works of Foreign Works to the Provisions of Labor Market Regulatory Authority Law11-06-2023Order No. (1) of 2013 With Regard to Regulating Employers Registers11-06-2023Order No. (79) of 2009 Respecting the Procedures Of Foreign Worker Transfer to Another Employer11-06-2023Order No. (77) of 2008 With Respect to the Employer's Obligations in the Event the Foreign Worker Leaves Work in Violation of the Terms of the Work Permit11-06-2023Decision No. (76) (2008) with Regard to Regulations of Work Visas of Foreign Employees Except the Category of Domestic Servants26-02-2023Order No (75) of 2008 With Regard to Controls and Procedures on Reconciliation in Respect of the Crimes Committed in Violation of the Provisions of the Law of Labour Market Regulation03-07-2023Order No. (74) of 2007 With Regard to Inspection on those Subject to the Provisions of the Law of Labour Market Regulation02-03-2023Order No (73) of 2007 With Respect to the Terms of Acceptance of Electronic Transactions By the Labour Market Regulatory Authority26-02-2023Order No. (70) of 2007 Respecting System of Consulting with the Public and Concerned Authorities