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Renewal of the Registered Worker Permit

Through this service, the registered worker permit holder can renew his/ her permit six months prior to the expiry date.

Service Conditions

Required Documents

Renewal of the Registered Worker Permit Required Documents
No. Document Document Type
1 Passport or ID card (Holder of the registered worker permit) Copy

Process Description

Physical Location

  1. Submitting the application by the registration centre employee or any of the collection companies (Bahrain Financial Company (BFC) or Lulu Exchange Co) and making sure that there are no pending monthly fees.
  2. A renewal application is submitted at per the request of the registered worker for a period of 6 months, one or two years.
  3. Application will be paid at any of LMRA payment channels.

Legal Regulations

Registered Worker Permit Renewal Fees

Permit renewal fees for the registered worker are collected as follows:

Registered Worker Permit Renewal Fees
No. Period Total Renewal
  Six Months BHD 91
1 Permit Issuance BHD 50
2 Health Insurance BHD 36
3 Permit Card BHD 5
  One Year BHD 177
1 Permit Issuance BHD 100
2 Health Insurance BHD 72
3 Permit Card BHD 5
  Two Years BHD 349
1 Permit Issuance BHD 200
2 Health Insurance BHD 144
3 Permit Card BHD 5

Other Fees

Other Fees
No. Period Monthly Fees Admin Fees
1 Six Months BHD 15 BHD 5
2 One Year
3 Two Years

Payment Methods

Registered Worker Payment Methods
Payment Method
SADAD online payment and all Kiosks in various areas, the Kiosks are also available in: SADAD
Cash payment: BFC Payments
BFC Payments
Online payment channels:

Processing Time

Cooperative Entities

Service Access

Renewal of the Registered Worker Permit Service Access
Contact Centre +973 17103103
Last Update: 20-03-2024.