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Issuance of an Employment Office License

This service is provided to individuals wishing to obtain initial approval to issue an employment office license, as this license allows the licensee to search for a suitable employee for an employer and facilitate the conclusion of an employment contract between the two parties, which includes hiring domestic employees and providing services to other companies and various institutions to employ expatriate employees to fill specific jobs. These companies or institutions also include the employment of Bahrainis.

The license is issued in two stages: the initial approval stage and the license issuance stage. The license applicant can practice the activity after issuing the license by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority, which is valid for one year, provided that he/ she submits an application to renew the license on an annual basis.

Service Conditions

Required Documents

Initial Approval Required Documents
No. Document Document Type
1 Social Insurance Organization (SIO) statement Copy
Issuance of an Employment Office License Required Documents
No. Document Document Type
1 The approval of the Ministry of Health confirming the suitability of the temporary housing for females – domestic employment only Copy

Process Description

  1. Submitting an application via Sijilat’s system of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
  2. The application is transferred to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority to issue a license for paracticing the activity of an employment office.
  3. LMRA will verify if all the required documents were attached. If the application does not meet the requirements, it will be rejected and returned to the applicant to complete the missing documents.
  4. The applicant is informed of the approval or rejection of the application via the Sijilat system.
  5. Depositing BHD 10,000 as a financial guarantee with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority after obtaining the initial approval to issue the license.

Legal Regulations


Processing Time

Cooperative Entities

Service Access

Issuance of an Employment Office License Service Access
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Last Update: 19-05-2024.