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Order No. (28) of 2008 With Respect to Refund of Work Permits Fees, Reducing Fees for Change of Profession Request and Imposing Fine on the Delay in the Payment Monthly Fee for a Foreign Worker

Source: Council of Ministers

The Prime Minister:

Having reviewed Law No. (19) of 2006 Concerning the Regulation of Labour Market, particularly Article No. (42) thereof; and
Upon proposal by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority and submission by the Minister of Labour - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority, and
Upon approval of the Council of Ministers

Orders as follows:

Article (1):

The work permit fees shall be refunded in full, if the Labour Market Regulatory Authority decides to cancel the work permit before arrival of the foreign worker to the Kingdom. The fees for the remaining months of the validity of the work permit may also be refunded when the foreign moves to another employer.

Article (2):

The fees payable for any request for change of profession of a foreign worker shall be reduced to ten dinars.

Article (3):

A fine of two Dinars shall be imposed for every month of delay in payment of the monthly fees for work permit of a foreign worker with a maximum of six Dinars.

Article (4):

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority is responsible for collecting fees of for change of profession requests and the delay fines referred to in this Order.

Article (5):

Any text in any other order, contrary to the provisions of this Order, shall be deemed null and void.

Article (6):

The Minster of Labour, Chairman of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority shall implement this Order, which shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into force on 1st July 2008.

The Prime Minister
Khalifa Bin Sulman Al Khalifa

Issued on:
21 Jumada Al Akhera 1429 Hijra
Corresponding to 25 June 2008

Last Update: Sunday 11 June 2023