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General Questions for the Labour Registration Program

How can I obtain a license to become a Labour Registration Centre?

Applying through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Commercial licenses system Sijilat If the applicant fulfills the licensing conditions, the approval will be issued by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority’s Licensing Directorate.

What are the accreditation conditions for Labour Registration Centres?

What are the duties of the Labour Registration Centres?

When is the accreditation of a Labour Registration Centre cancelled?

Who is eligible to register in the Labour Registration Centres?

Are there channels to know if the worker is eligible for registration?

What are the obligations of a registered worker?

What are the fees for a registered worker permit?

Permit Duration Admin Fees Permit Issuance Permit Card Health Insurance Residency Extension* Ticket Insurance* Monthly Fees
One Year BHD 5 BHD 100 BHD 5 BHD 72 BHD 15 BHD 150 BHD 15
Two Years BHD 5 BHD 200 BHD 5 BHD 144 BHD 15 BHD 150 BHD 15

*One-time payment upon issuance

What data/documents are required to register the worker?

How can I change the Labour Registration Centre?

Conditions for Changing Labour Registration Centres

  1. Registered Workers may change their registration centre after a minimum of 30 days from the date of registration.
  2. Registered Workers must pay all their pending monthly fees.
  3. The application will be approved by the Expatriate Services Directorate.

Steps to Change the Labour Registration Centre

  1. Visit the new registration centre to submit the request.
  2. Fill the required form to Request Change of Registration Centre.
  3. The New registration centre will submit the application on the LMRA’s electronic system.
  4. Biometric data collection (enrollment) appointment will be issued within 3 working days of the submission date by the Expatriate Services Directorate.

Can anyone outside of the Kingdom of Bahrain apply for a registered worker permit?

No, the worker must be in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

If the worker holds a visit visa, is it possible to apply for a registered worker permit?

Those who have a visit visa cannot apply for a registered worker's permit.

When the flexi permit holder transfers to the new system, how will the fees for the rest of the flexi permit period be dealt with?

The remaining fees for flexi permit holders will be deposited in their accounts with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority.

When can I receive the refunds of the registered worker permit?

The registered worker can receive refunds after cancellation in case of:

Can a registered worker travel?

The registered worker can leave and return to the Kingdom of Bahrain as long as the permit is valid.

Is there a monthly fee for a registered worker permit?

Yes, there is a BHD 15 monthly fee for the registered worker permit.

Where can I pay the permit fees?

The fees for the registered worker permit can be paid at:

  1. Cash Dispensing Machines at (SADAD) at:
  2. Cash payment:
  3. Online payment channels:

What are the communication channels of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority?

Last Update: Tuesday 28 March 2023