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Welcome to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority LMRA portal.

If you are a new establishment that requires expatriate employees, you are required to register at LMRA by coming in person for a one time transaction that will not only register your establishment but also issue you a user ID and password to do business with LMRA online. You may choose to delegate one or more authorized person to do business with LMRA on your behalf through the LMRA system. We advise that you do not share your password with the authorized persons, as they will be issued individual Log-ins.

Following the registration process you will be allocated work permits, the number depends on the type of activity of your establishment, through the Expat Management System EMS. LMRA can only issue work permits in the name of the intended Employees, therefore you will require to apply online and upload the required documents as explained in the service guides below.

You may renew your employees and their dependents online as well.

As stipulated in the LMRA law, you are required to pay monthly fees on every expatriate employee working for you and the details of the invoices are also found on your account with LMRA and may be paid online or through the affiliated banks.

Should you require any other assistance, you may avail the e-support services or call through our call centre for information.

LMRA spares no effort to provide you with seamless and fast services, based on transparency on both the customers' end and LMRA.

In order to maintain a healthy social balance in the Labour Market, the LMRA is required by law to execute the law equally and justly on all violators, be they employers or employees or any middle men or brokers and agents.

All service required are described and explained in the links below, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these before using the EMS system to do your transactions with LMRA.

Services Guides


Forms and Documents

Last Update: Sunday 26 February 2023